Niboshi Ramen


Our signature ramen in a light yet savory fish broth.
After finishing your noodles, add rice into your soup for the full experience.
Niboshi Ramen


A smaller version of our signature Niboshi Ramen.
Char siu-men


Our Niboshi Ramen topped with extra char siu roast pork, made with our secret soy marinade.


Noodles in a pleasantly spicy black sesame soup.
Curry Ramen


Limited to 50 available per day. Made with Japanese-style curry soup that you'll want to savor til the end.


Firm, chilled noodles and a rich soup for dipping.


Our Niboshi Ramen topped with flavorful scallop and shrimp wonton dumplings.
Wontons are made with flour, eggs, shrimp, and scallops
Niboraya Set


A full lunch consisting of a small soft-boiled egg bowl and our Niboshi Ramen.
Only available from 11AM to 3PM
Koburichan Set


Our lunch set with a smaller size Niboshi Ramen.


Our soup combines the richness of chicken & pork with the umami of niboshi (dried sardines). We add just a little yuzu for character.


Our specially made noodles are just the right thickness to match our famous Niboshi soup.


We carefully roast our pork in our special soy marinade until nice and tender.


We use carefully selected, aromatic nori harvested from the nearby Ariake Sea.


The water in our soup has all been filtered through SEAGULL IV filters, which remove unwanted substances but leave beneficial minerals.



◆ Our soup is made from a stock of chicken and niboshi (dried sardines). We top our soup with tender roast pork, a perfectly soft-boiled egg, crunchy mizuna greens, and expertly seasoned bamboo shoots.

 Add some bonito flakes to your Niboshi Ramen for an extra kick of umami. Take a sip of the soup first before starting on the noodles.

*Do not add bonito flakes to Tantan-men or Curry Ramen

 Be sure to leave some nori, yuzu, and mizuna til after you finish the noodles! Once you’re done with the noodles, add rice to the soup. Mix the nori to dissolve, add a little Black Shichimi spice (from Kyoto), and dig in!

Most ramen leaves you feeling thirsty, but our Niboshi Ramen, made with the finest ingredients, is delicious to the last drop!

Thank you very much for visiting!
From all of us at Niboraya


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