Niboshi Ramen


Our signature ramen in a light yet savory fish broth.
After finishing your noodles, add rice into your soup for the full experience.
Niboshi Ramen


A smaller version of our signature Niboshi Ramen.
Char siu-men


Our Niboshi Ramen topped with extra char siu roast pork, made with our secret soy marinade.


Noodles in a pleasantly spicy black sesame soup.
Curry Ramen


Limited to 50 available per day. Made with Japanese-style curry soup that you'll want to savor til the end.


Firm, chilled noodles and a rich soup for dipping.
Niboraya Set


A full lunch consisting of a small soft-boiled egg bowl and our Niboshi Ramen.
Only available from 11AM to 3PM
Koburichan Set


Our lunch set with a smaller size Niboshi Ramen.

Rice & Rice Bowls

Soft-boiled egg bowl


Rice bowl topped with roast pork and soft-boiled egg
Soft-boiled egg bowl (small)


A smaller version of our soft-boiled egg bowl.
Rice (small)


Rice (medium)


Rice ball




Our Niboshi Ramen topped with flavorful scallop and shrimp wonton dumplings.
Wontons are made with flour, eggs, shrimp, and scallops

Beer & Sides

Bamboo shoots


Roast pork


Soft-boiled egg & roast pork